Full-time Faculties


Trong-Neng Wu(吳聰能) Chair Professor      
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, Kaohsiung Medical University
Specialty Public Health 
Teaching Subjects Thesis Seminar
Extension 1085
Office Location A507
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail tnwu@asia.edu.tw
Pei-Tseng Kung(龔佩珍) Professor
Education ScD. in Biostatistics, Tulane University, USA
Specialty Health Policy; Research Method; Biostatistics; Data Analysis
Teaching Subjects Advanced Biostatistics; Data Management and Statistics
Extension 1929
Office Location M607
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail ptkung@asia.edu.tw
Gue-Ying Day(戴桂英) Professor
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Policy; Health Insurance
Teaching Subjects Health Insurance; Health Care Delivery System
Extension 1818
Office Location I619
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail plday@asia.edu.tw
Jiun-Yi Wang(王俊毅) Professor
Education Ph.D. in  Public Health, National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Advanced Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Health Statistics
Extension 1861
Office Location I423
Office Hour By appointment
Website http://dns2.asia.edu.tw/~jjwang/JeanPro.htm
E-mail jjwang@asia.edu.tw
Yu-Chia Chang(張育嘉) Associate Professor
Education Ph.D. , National Taiwan University
Specialty Health Policy; Health Care Administration; Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Health Care System; Health Care Administration; Terminology of Health and Healthcare Management; Practice in Health Care Organization; Introduction to infectious disease
Extension 1805
Office Location I612
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail ycchang@asia.edu.tw
Hung-En Liao(廖宏恩) Associate Professor
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Specialty Health Policy Analysis; Healthcare and Long-term Care Institution Management; Behavior Science and Health Promotion; Human Resources Management; Health Services Research
Teaching Subjects Advanced Healthcare Management; Theories of Organization and Management; Human Resources Management; Organizational Behavior; Special Study in Health Promotion; Healthy Cities and Age-Friendly Cities
Extension 1750
Office Location H218
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail heliao@asia.edu.twhcachair@gmail.com
Yin-Hwa Shih(石尹華) Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Oral Biology, National Yang-Ming University

Specialty Oral health and preventive dentistry; Molecular cell biology; Nursing
Teaching Subjects Microbiology and Immunology; Long-Term Care Work; Community –based Health Promotion and Hospital Services
Extension 20040
Office Location HB40
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail evashih@gm.asia.edu.tw
Kuan-Han Lin(林冠含) Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene, National Taiwan University

Specialty Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology; Occupational Health; Occupational Stress and Burnout; Biostatistics; Bioethics
Teaching Subjects Epidemiology; Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Extension 20113
Office Location IB13
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail okonkwolin@asia.edu.tw

Shang-yu Yang(楊尚育) Assistant Professor    
Education Ph.D. in Institute of Allied Health Science, National Cheng Kung University
Specialty Long-Term Care; Health Promotion
Teaching Subjects Exercise and Health Promotion for Older Adults; Aging and Health; Design and Performance of Health Activities
Extension 20111
Office Location IB11
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail henry879019@yahoo.com.tw
Yi-Lung Chen(陳儀龍) Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, National Taiwan University

Specialty Psychiatric epidemiology, methodology of epidemiology, clinical psychology
Teaching Subjects Research Methods; Thesis Seminar 
Extension 20106
Office Location IB06
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail elong@asia.edu.tw
Cheng-Chia Yang(楊鎮嘉) Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. , National Center University
Specialty Patient safety & Quality, Information Technology, Human Resources, Performance management, Teaching Subjects
Teaching Subjects Management; Fundamental Computer Programming; Quality Management and Accreditation for Health Care
Extension 20067
Office Location HB67
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail chengchia@asia.edu.tw
Chih-Ching Liu(劉芷菁) Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Public Health, National Cheng Kung University
Specialty Health Policy and Management; Health Promotion; Health Risk Assessment; Health Care Services Research; Epidemiology; Database Analysis; Nursing
Teaching Subjects Health Statistics; Planning and Evaluation in Health Programs; Thesis Seminar
Extension 48037
Office Location 8037
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail chihching@asia.edu.tw
Yu-Lyu Yeh(葉又綠) Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Science, Wayne State University, USA
Specialty Health Promotion; Obesity and Cancer Prevention; Public Health Genomics; Nutrition Education
Teaching Subjects Advance Health Behavior; Special Topics in Health Promotion and Health Education; Research Project; Geriatric Nurtrition; Nutrition Physiology and Biochemistry
Extension 20024
Office Location HB24
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail yyyeh@asia.edu.tw
Jing-Yi Lu(盧婧宜) Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education, National Chung Cheng University
Specialty Adult Education/ Elder Education; Elderly Program Design and Management; Qualitative Research
Teaching Subjects Health Risk Evalution and Management for Older Adult; Health Promotion and Health Education; Qualitative Research
Office Location  
Office Hour By appointment
E-mail mislu@asia.edu.tw